5 types of orgasms and how to reach them

The woman can enjoy different types of orgasms depending on the area that is stimulated. Let’s meet some of them.

Female sexuality is a little more complex than men’s, perhaps much more than some people think. A woman, in general, needs a lot of stimulation to get excited and reach orgasms. Being so complex, you need to know more about how you can get pleasure. Thus, many couples decide to experiment with sexual games and also with forms of individual exploration that allow them to get to know each other better and achieve a highly satisfactory experience. It has been observed that women can get to feel different types of orgasms by stimulating certain parts of their body. Here are some of the types of orgasms that a woman can achieve.

1. The orgasm in the clitoris

This is the most well-known sexual part in women and, therefore, the point where an orgasm can be more easily reached. It’s easy access allows it to be cherished and stimulated without much difficulty.

Both in individual privacy and in company, masturbation is what gives magic. Encourage yourself to guide your partner and discover more about this point of your body!

2. The vaginal orgasm

Unlike the previous one, this is one of the most difficult types of orgasms to achieve, since mere penetration does not sufficiently stimulate the famous G-spot.

To achieve this orgasm, it is necessary to work hard and stimulate a lot. Despite its complexity, we recommend not to leave it aside as it can be extremely satisfying.

To achieve this, good communication is important. Since there are different positions that can achieve stimulate that part: standing, kneeling, sitting, from behind, side … until you find the perfect position where you feel the greatest pleasure possible.

In some cases, women come to this type of orgasm when they are on their partner since they can control the movement, although they can also achieve it being below, if the couple manages to reach the cervix.

3. The mixed orgasm

It is one of the most intense female orgasms. It happens when you combine vaginal pleasure with that of the clitoris, which is also known as a ‘total’ orgasm. The satisfaction comes from the fact that the woman feels ‘shaken’ completely. There are many women who do not know that, in addition to the designated G-spot, the clitoris has ramifications around the vulva and inside the vagina, so both can be stimulated at the same time. This can be achieved when the two zones are stimulated simultaneously.

And since you do not get it right away, it may be necessary to do several tests and a basic body analysis. Try positions where you are up and alternate different types of movements until you find the one you like the most.

4. The taboo orgasm

The taboo orgasm comes to be the anal orgasm. The anus has, like the clitoris, very sensitive nerve endings that lead to pleasure with minimal effort, delicacy and, above all, good communication with the couple.

The stimulation can be with the fingers, the mouth and, obviously, the penis. To facilitate penetration in this area, you can use a little lubricant and some erotic toys to help dilate the area. Of course, hygiene is fundamental.

5. Exercises in the gym can take you to the climax

According to a new study, women do not need a man, vibrators or even a direct sexual stimulation to reach orgasm. The phenomenon of female sexual pleasure can be induced by exercise. If you are a woman who exercises regularly or simply or have climbed steep slopes, you may have felt a kind of tingling. If so, then, you have experienced this sexual pleasure caused by physical exercise. Of course, this type of orgasms will not cause you even half of the feelings you feel with the previous ones. There are women who have developed this way of feeling pleasure making it more and more pleasant and intense: abdominal, bicycle, aerobics or running. You do not lose anything with trying.

Orgasms, the great challenge of women

Reaching orgasm may not be the simplest thing in the world for many women, especially if you lack knowledge of your own body, but it is not impossible either. With a little practice, you can reach them all.

You must know that you can have not only one orgasm, but several, of different types (or all) and in the same encounter. You just have to free yourself a little and leave the complexes aside so you can discover the way that most satisfies you. Best of all, it is not an obligation to be a couple, so that single women can enjoy equally the pleasure of orgasms presented here.

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